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Solutions offered by our Trademark Attorney

Whether you are just starting out and don’t have a federal trademark registration yet, or you have an existing trademark(s) but you need help moving forward, the qualified trademark attorney at ASR Law Firm is here to help you through the entire lifespan of your trademark portfolio.  Depending on your goals, and budget, our trademark and brand services can be customized to include one or more of the following:


  • Clearance searches
  • Registration (commonly referred to as “trademark prosecution”)
  • Oppositions to registration
  • Maintenance/renewals
  • Monitoring
  • Cancellations
  • Infringement disputes
  • Licensing
  • Litigation
  • Domain name disputes
  • Counseling on related issues

What Sets ASR Law Firm’s Trademark Services Apart

At ASR Law Firm, protecting our clients’ time and financial resources is paramount!

That’s why our goal is always to provide comprehensive and well-rounded guidance and trademark attorney counseling without overcharging for unnecessary services.

To avoid filing applications that may be destined to fail, our Trademark Registration Package is broken down into two Phases.

First, in Phase 1, our trademark attorney thoroughly researches the mark and presents a good-faith opinion of the likelihood of approval to provide our clients with all necessary information to make a well-informed business decision.

An image of a post it note asking the question "Need Help" from a  qualified trademark attorney over official trademark documents.

Thereafter, when comfortable with their chances of an approved application, only then do we file the application for our clients in Phase 2. Contact us to learn how these two simple steps can help you move closer to protecting your brand with peace of mind and confidence!

Our Trademark Registration Package

Our trademark attorney provides qualified and experienced assistance with the registration of your unique trademark, simplified in our two-phase approach. This includes:

Phase 1:

Goal-setting Consultation with Attorney

Comprehensive Federal and State Trademark Search

Common-Law Trademark Search

Attorney Evaluation of Search Results

Opinion Letter

Phase 2:

Application preparation and Information gathering efforts

Drafting and Filing of Trademark Application

Response to Non-Substantive Office Actions

Confirmation of Final Outcome/Registration Certificate

Image of a Starbucks coffee cup that serves as an example as to what a trademark is in the United States.
Image of Nike Shoes that serves as an example as to what a trademark is in the United States.
Image of an Apple computer mouse that serves as an example as to what a trademark is in the United States.

What is a Trademark?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (or “USPTO” for short) explains that “[a] trademark can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination of these things that identifies your goods or services.” Trademark = source of goods.  Service mark = source of services.  Both “trademark” and “service mark” are generally collectively referred to as a “trademark.”

Examples of a Trademark:

  • A business name or other word mark that represents your business. Think of “Home Depot.”
  • A business logo or other identifying mark that represents your business. Think of the Facebook “F” icon that is used on websites or the Apple technology company icon.
  • A slogan or catchphrase. Think of “He went to Jared” slogan for jewelry.
  • A color that represents your business or brand. Who doesn’t recognize “Tiffany Blue” color?

Types of Trademarks

An image of a document with scales of justice icon representing common law trademarks.

Common Law Trademark

A “common law” trademark is essentially established when you use the mark in commerce in a specific geographical area.  No registration is required for common law trademark rights, albeit limited rights, to apply.

An image of a document with reading glasses over it in an icon format that represents state trademarks.

State Trademark

A “state law” trademark is one where an individual/business registers their mark, at the state level, with the office designated for the specific state.  Each state has a different office for registration.  This is often significantly cheaper than a Federal registration, gives you the ability to enforce the trademark through the entire state, and can provide you with some statutory protections for that mark within the state.

AN image of a diamond and a paper document with dollar sign icon that represents federal trademarks.

Federal Trademark

A “federal trademark” is one where an individual/business registers their mark, at the federal level.  Here in the United States, the registration is with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and generally provides you protection, for your mark, thought the United States.  This is more expensive than the state registration but provides you a lot stronger protection and comes with statutory remedies against infringers.

An image of a briefcase and documents icon that represents international trademarks.

International Trademark

An “international trademark” is one that can cover countries outside of the United States and can be important if you have customers outside of the United States or if you sell online where your trademark is viewable in other countries.

Recognizing the symbols

Unless you’re a Trademark Attorney, it’s easy to get confused with the symbols that you see after a logo, name or slogan. 

The following may be helpful:

An image of a Trademark icon.

(TM) = you are claiming a Trademark

AN image of a servicemark emblem.

(SM) = you are claiming a service mark

An image of the Registered Trademark Emblem

(R) = you have a formally registered federal trademark

Why protecting your business’s brand is important through the services of a qualified trademark attorney??

Although the USPTO does not mandate that each trademark is registered, doing so provides far more remedies and protections than relying on a common law use trademark.

Advantages of a federal trademark can include, but are not limited to:

  • Provides you with the exclusive rights to use your mark for marketing of your type of good/service throughout the entire United States forever – well, so long as you can show you are still using it anyway. You may even be able to stop others who are using similar marks to yours as well.
  • If someone else tries to use your mark, or a confusingly similar mark, that person using the unregistered mark must prove that their use of the mark is more superior to that of the registered mark holder.
  • Having a registered mark shows consumers that your business is more sophisticated, thus potentially building trust with your customer base.
  • Having a registered mark shows potential business partners in the future that you have a higher level of sophistication than if you didn’t have such registration.
  • A registered trademark can be recorded with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to help prevent counterfeit goods from being imported into the United States.
  • A federally-registered trademark allows you to more easily obtain international registrations if/when you need it.


An image of a Rolls Royce emblem that illustrates the need to protect a brand with trademark application.

How long will the Trademark registration process take?

There are many factors that can impact how long it takes to register a trademark, including your filing basis, but generally speaking, it can take 12 to 18 months to work through the various states of the registration process.  “Filing basis” simply refers to the state that your trademark is in and falls into one of five (5) categories.  The first two, Section 1(a) (where you are using the mark in commerce already) and Section 1(b) (where you aren’t using the mark yet but intend to within the near future) are the most common for new or US centered businesses.  The remaining three (3) Section 44(d), Section 44(e), and Section 66(a) all deal with foreign applications.

Below is a general timeline pertaining to the filing basis under Section 1(a) and 1(b):

An image of a flowchart that outlines how long the United States Trademark Registration can take.

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