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Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, ASR Law Firm is prepared and qualified to assist with the unique set of issues that accompany any sale or purchase of residential property. Having a diligent and experienced attorney is imperative to successfully navigating through the various paperwork and changing regulatory requirements involved with the transfer of residential real estate.

ASR Law Firm PL represents individuals, both homeowners and investors, in a multitude of real estate transactional matters.  We assist clients with residential real estate transactions and negotiations, as well as advise realtors and individuals regarding the purchase and sale of real estate interests, real estate litigation or lease preparation for residential landlord/tenant matters. ASR Law Firm’s Real Estate legal services include the following areas:


Negotiating & Drafting Residential Real Estate Contracts
While most residential real estate sales utilize the Florida Association of Realtors® and The Florida Bar approved “As Is” Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase, it is imperative that such form is completed accurately to properly reflect the agreement between the parties and avoid any post-closing disputes from arising.
Residential Real Estate Closings including Title Review and Issuance of Title Policies*
Title review involves the examination of a thorough title and lien search, along with an updated survey, to ensure that the correct and uninterrupted title is being transferred via the sale. Upon a satisfactory title search report, an insurance policy may be issued to protect against any title issues that arise prior to closing.
Title Insurance Claims or Disputes
Occasionally, title issues arise and owners may file claims against the Title Insurance company to assist with resolutions.
Drafting and Negotiating Residential Leases
Regardless to whom an owner rents residential property, it is always wise to document all terms, including payment amounts and frequency, occupancy and use restrictions etc., in a simple and concise lease.
Residential Landlord/Tenant Disputes
When such disputes arise, a valid lease can be invaluable. Most landlord/tenant disputes are resolved through settlement or alternative dispute resolution measures.
Default resolution including Short Sales, Loan Modifications/Workouts, and Deeds in Lieu of Foreclose
Given the cost of litigation, many property owners and creditors alike are moving towards alternative default resolutions. At ASR Law Firm we offer default resolution solutions that include Short sales, Loan Modifications and Deeds in lieu.
Foreclosure Defense/Prosecution
In Florida, foreclosures are judicial, meaning the lender must file a lawsuit in state court. The best defense is always an early defense, which is many cases is only 20 days after receipt of a complaint and summons. If an answer is filed in this time, a lender must either file a Motion for Summary Judgement or take the case to a trial.
Real Estate Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Mediation
Alternative Dispute Resolution is typically a most cost-effective manner to deal with disputes rather than litigation and, often times, is mandated by the terms of the real estate contract.


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