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At ASR Law Firm, our Florida Law Firm puts years of experience to work for each of our valued clients by focusing on customized legal solutions that meet the goals and objectives of our individual and business clients. Explore our areas of practice to determine how ASR Law Firm can find the perfect solution to help you Start Confidently!

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Real Estate

In the world of real estate, having a trusted advisor can be priceless. At ASR Law Firm we provide timely, cost efficient services for buyers, sellers, investors and landlords alike throughout Florida. Explore more about our real estate solutions today.

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From assistance with corporate setups and internal legal documents to in-house counsel services, ASR Law Firm has the business knowledge and experience to help make your legal business goals a success. Explore some of the business law solutions available at ASR Law Firm.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is undoubtedly one of the most emotional and delicate areas of law. ASR Law Firm continues to provide uncompromised legal advice and service while keeping in mind the sensitive nature of each client’s specific circumstance.

Comprehensive Legal

At ASR Law Firm, our first priority is to provide comprehensive real estate, business and estate planning legal services to our valued clientele. Experience what it’s like to be treated with personalized legal counsel instead of being just another number.


Tips & Helpful Resources

TRID Disclosure Forms: A Basic Overview

TRID Disclosure Forms: A Basic Overview

Anyone who has financed the purchase of residential real estate property recently is familiar with the almost insurmountable stack of documents that is set before them prior to taking title. This is a result of the Dodd-Frank Act which requires Lenders to follow a...

Understanding the Florida Living Will

Understanding the Florida Living Will

With all that has been going on in the world lately, it is no surprise that estate planning attorneys have been bombarded by client calls regarding Living Wills and other advanced directives.  Aside from creating a feasible plan for the distribution of one’s assets...

Closing Disclosure Forms 101

Closing Disclosure Forms 101

Much confusion still exists about the purpose and contents of the standardized Closing Disclosure statement used in financed real estate purchases throughout the United States. Although this form has been in use for several years, many buyers, sellers and realtors...

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