ASR on the Solo to CEO Podcast

ASR Law Firm was proud to have our lead attorney, Miss Anila S. Rasul, Esq., featured on the Solo to CEO™ podcast with Davina Frederick, Esq. Explore our conversation with Miss Frederick and learn more about what sets ASR Law Firm apart from other South Florida law firms.

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Shortly after Anila Rasul chose to leave Big Law and go Solo, she also found out she was pregnant with her first child. “There was no turning back then,” she says. So, she embraced the challenge with gusto, which she says was the only way to go about it. “There was never a Plan B.”

We discuss those challenges and the growth of ASR Law Firm, including how now having her team has allowed her to focus on two key things to continue to grow the business, as well as…

  • The hardest – but most valuable – lessons she learned in her first year as a solo
  • Key systems and processes that have streamlined operations – and kept clients happy
  • The first tasks she offloaded to her team – and what she focused on instead
  • What motivated her to go out on her own – and keeps her going to this day
  • And more

It was an honor to be featured on the Solo to CEO™ podcast.

Learn more about Davina Frederick and the Solo to CEO™ podcast on Davina’s Website.

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